I'm just an Intelligence Analyst...


“I am your Superior”


POWER CATEGORY: Physical Training – Revised 

EDUCATION: Ph.D (College)
ALIGNMENT: Scrupulous 

Current XP:
XP Needed for Next Level:


WEIGHT: 180 lbs.

AGE: 35

Legal Status: U.S. Citizen
Birth Order/Family Ties: 1st born
Land of Origin: U.S.
Childhood Environment: Big City – Chicago
Social/Economic Background: Upper Middle Class – Educated

DESCRIPTION: A slender well built handsome Latino man with short black hair, olive skin and dark eyes.

DISPOSITION: Arrogant, feels superior to others and a Schemer; gambler who likes to take chances and tries to play the “long game.”

IQ: 26 +12% all skills (added in)

ME: 24 5 psi/7 insanity

MA: 20 60% Trust/Intimidate

PS: 23 + 8 damage

PP: 34 + 9 parry/strike/dodge

PE: 18 + 6% coma/+2 mag-poi

PB: 26 80% Charm/Impress

SPD: 58 40 MPH

H.P.: 36

S.D.C: 130

P.P.E: 38

I.S.P: n/a

Saving Throw Bonuses:
Coma/Death: + 16%
Toxins (15+): + 2
Magic (varies): + 2
Lethal Poison (14+): + 2
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): + 2
Disease (varies): + 2
Insanity (12+): + 7
Psionics (varies): + 7
Possession: + 7
Mind Control: + 7
Horror Factor (varies): + 2
+1 to saving throws vs. poisons and toxins that are ingested injected or inhaled.

EDUCATION: Ph.D (College)
Military Program (Basic)
Science Program (X2)

Special Skill Bonuses:
+30% to all Scholastic Skills.
+15% to the physical skills of Acrobatics and Gymnastics.
+10% to all Espionage and Rogue skills.
+5% to all other physical skills when applicable.

Scholastic Skills:
Advanced Mathematics: 62% +5%
Anthropology: 32% +5%
Astrophysics: 37% +5%
Chemistry: 42% +5%
Chemistry-Analytical 37% +5%
Computer Operation: 52% +5%
Computer Hacking: 42% +5%
Cross-Dimensional Physics: 25% +5%
Detect Ambush: 42% +5%
Detect Concealment: 37% +5
Gambling – Standard: 42% +5%
Gambling – Dirty Tricks: 42 +5%
Intelligence: 44% +4%
Interdimensional Theory: 38% +2%
Military Etiquette: 47% +5%
Physics: 37% +5%
Prowl: 63% +8%
Radio-Basic: 57% +5%
Research: 47% +5%
Surveillance Systems: 30% +5%
Temporal Physics: 32% +5%
Climbing/Rappelling: 67/57% +5%
Tai Chi
W.P. Rifle

Basic Electronics: 42% +5%
Cardsharp: 36% +4%
Computer Programming: 42% +5%
Dance: 42% +5%
Diplomacy: 37% +5%
History: 57% +5%
Language: Chinese: 62% +5%
Language: Japanese: 62% +5%
Language: Spanish: 62% +5%
Law (General): 37% +5%
Lore-Megaverse: 37% +5%
Palming: 36% +4%
Philosophy-Zen Buddhism: 48% +6%
Research: 47% + 5%
Writing: 37% +5%
Body Building & Weight Lifting

Hand to Hand Type: Defensive and Fast
Attacks per Melee: 8

Initiative: +3

Strike: +10

Parry: +14

Dodge: +13

Autododge: +9
Body flip/throw: +14
Auto body flip/throw: +14

Roll w/ Punch: +8

Pull Punch: +2

Disarm: +12
Holds: +10
Critical Strike: natural 20
Critical flip/throw: natural 20
HTH Damage: As per normal

Special Defenses:
Maintain Balance: +12

• Paired weapons (all)
• Auto Body flip/throw: instd of parry, as body flip, n disarm
• Body flip/throw: 1D6; foe loses initiative and 1 action.
• Body block/tackle: 1D4; knkdwn n push back 1D6’
• Back flip: instd of dodge, but no bonuses
• Entangle
• Elbow: 1D6
• Forearm: 1D6
• Knee: 1D6

Hand Attacks: 
• Karate style punch: 2D4
• Backhand: 1D6
• Palm Strike: 1D6
• Knife Hand: 1D6

Foot Attacks: 
• Axe Kick: 2D6; no othr kck rnd
• Backward sweep kick: no dmg, knkdwn, foe frm rear
• Roundhouse kick: 3D6; x1 rnd only
• Snap Kick: 1D6; ok in grapple
• Tripping/leg Hook: no dmg, knkdwn

Contest of P.P.(+hold bonus), high roll wins, foe helpless/held
• Arm Hold: arm twisted to back
• Body Hold: held on ground or standing
• Neck Hold: held around neck and from behind

Strength Category: Extraordinary
Carrying Capacity: 2,300 lbs. (1 Ton).
Lifting Capacity: 4,600 lbs. (2.3 Tons).

Normal Movement Speed:
290 yards (870 ft.) per melee round (Spd x 5).
36 yards (109 ft.) per action.
40 mph (HU2 p. 16).

Other Movement Speed: n/a


Concealed Light Body armor (AR: 10 SDC 50)

These are abilities gained from extensive conditioning and training; they are second nature to this character.

1.       Super Strength: Strength is considered Extraordinary. He does not get the bonuses under the minor super ability; only gets to enhanced lift and carry aspect.  

2.       Accelerated Healing: This simply means that because of the character being super healthy, their immune system works better than the average person. 
Physical Training characters heal twice as fast as normal characters do and they can mend broken bones 50% as fast.

3.       Superior Combat Endurance: In general, years of long, extensive combat training and sparring has given this fighter a threshold for combat that is longer than the average fighter—the Physical Training character can last 10× longer in combat than nearly any other characters.

4.       Super Attack: This powerful attack is more than just the “Power Attack” they get from having a hand to hand (the attack counts as TWO melee attack actions) —it takes Power Attack a step further.  
First, it works exactly the same as Power Attack (double damage), except in addition the victim loses there next available attack per melee. This attack is compatible with nearly all attacks, except holds.

This super-powerful attack draws on one’s inner will or “chi” and as a result, the character can focus his attack to do incredible damage.
Even more impressive, is the fact that this attack, will do normal damage to superbeings who are otherwise invulnerable, as well as to supernatural beings and creatures of magic who aren’t normally affected by ordinary attacks.

5.       Force of Will: This is the incredible ability to keep going even after all S.D.C. and Hit Points are gone.
  When in this ravaged state, the character has only
one attack per melee,
no Super Attack,
no combat bonuses and 
speed is reduced by half.  

The character can function this way for 24 hours or until their Hit Points reach –41, whatever comes first.  
At this point, the Physical Training character will lapse into a coma and only the help of professional medical treatment can save them.  

Although, -40 is way below the character’s P.E. limit, it is his force of will and physical condition that keeps them alive.  
If professional medical treatment is applied in time and is successful the character will be brought back up to two Hit Points and will recover normally from then on.


Intelligence Analyst,
Theoretical Physicist,
World Champion Gambler,
Martial Arts Genius,
2 time DWTS winner,
Amateur Male Model,
Renaissance Man.

Hand to Hand: Defensive and Fast
Level Advancement Bonuses:

2)       +1 attack per melee round.  +3 to strike and initiative and +2 to roll and holds.

3)       Critical Strike on a natural 19-20, KO on a natural 20 and Auto Dodge becomes part of Dodge (like how Auto Parry is a part of Parry).  All Dodge bonuses are applicable to Auto Dodge now.

4)       +1 attack per melee round.  +3 to disarm, +1 to body flip/throw and +2 to damage.

5)       +2 to roll and critical flip/throw on natural 18 or better (double damage).  Gains one more attack move.

6)       +1 attack per melee round. +1 to body flip/throw (flip/throw damage does 2D6 extra damage instead of the usual 1D6 damage, inflicting 3D6 total damage).

7)       Critical Strike on a natural 18-20, KO on a natural 19-20 and +2 damage, parry and dodge.

8)       +1 attack per melee round.  +2 to strike, parry and dodge.

9)       +2 to disarm, initiative,  and damage. +3 to roll.

10)    +1 attack per melee round.  +2 to strike, parry and dodge.

11)    +2 to strike and initiative. +1 to body flip/throw. +1 to disarm.

12)    +1 attack per melee round.  This characters reflexes have developed so much that they never flinch (i.e. they have all the time they need to decide a course of action) and they are so alert that they can combat multiple attackers, even if they cannot see them!  This also applies to sneak attacks, as long as the sneak attack is a hand to hand attack (long range type attacks still work on this character).

13)    +1 to strike parry, dodge and disarm.

14)    +1 attack per melee round.  Critical Strike on a natural 17-20 and KO on a natural 18-20.

15)    The character has developed such a fast speed and ability to track movement that they are able to defend against any kind of projectile attack and negate up to a -6 penalty!


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