Black skinny kid with odd skin disorder


REAL NAME: Rick Muest

POWER CATEGORY: Experiment (Nature: Exposure to unknown virus/bacteria (deliberate))
EDUCATION: High school
ALIGNMENT: unprincipled
Current XP: 1500
XP Needed for Next Level:
HEIGHT: Short (5’9”)
WEIGHT: Average weight
AGE: 24
Birth Order/Family Ties: 4th born (tight family ties, under went experiment to help family)
Land of Origin: Central Africa (English speaking)
Childhood Environment: Village
Social/Economic Background: laborer/lower class
DESCRIPTION: Black skinny kid with odd skin disorder

DISPOSITION: Nice Guy – friendly, courteous and hospitable

IQ: 10
ME: 12
MA: 10
PS: 16 (2d6 to damage)/ 19
PP: 18 (
2 parry and +2 strike)
PE: 13
PB: 11 (9) (Odd skin texture (-2 PB))
SPD: 16 (19 in sunlight)
H.P.: 21
S.D.C: 55 (110 in Sunlight)

Saving Throw Bonuses:
Horror Factor (varies): +2

Basic Electronics 45%
Climbing 45%
Concealment 25%
Detect Ambush 30%
Detect Concealment 25%
Find Contraband & illegal Weapons 31%
Palming 25%
Pick locks 35%
Streetwise 25%
Sniper (+2 strike on aim shot)
Wildness Survival 30%
WP — Archery
WP – Automatic Pistol
WP – Automatic/ Semi-Auto rifle
WP – Bolt rifle
WP – knife
WP – Paired Weapons

Hand to Hand Type: Expert
An additional two attacks per melee round
Attacks per Melee: 4 (5 attack in sunlight)
Initiative: 4/ +5
Strike: +2
Parry: +1
Dodge: +1
Autododge: +3
Roll w/ Punch: +7
Pull Punch: +4 / +6
Disarm: +1 /
Critical Strike:
Special Defenses:
1. Impervious to heat and resistant to fire (half damage)

Carrying Capacity: 160 / 380 in Sunlight
Lifting Capacity: 320/ 760 in Sunlight
Normal Movement Speed:
X yards per melee round (Spd x 5): 80 / 105 in sunlight
X mph (HU2 p. 16): 11.2 / 13.3

10k in saving
Half of all money earned go to family in Africa

Company issue:
• 9mm Pistol (3d6 damge)
• 5.56 Rifle (5d6 damage) or .30 caliber depend on Op
• Combat knife (1d6+2d6 for str)

• Concealed Light Body armor (AR-10 and SDC 50)
• Superior lock pick set
• Mid-size sedan
• Tan bed


Bend light
Range: Self or a light beam with a range of 100 feet (30.5 m)
+15 feet (4.6 m) per level of experience.
Damage: None
Duration: One melee round.
The ability to bend light allows the character to manipulate light radiation like a prism. This can produce a number of effects.
1. Separate the color bands of light to produce a colored light beam or radiate about 70 watts of colored light (enough to light up a 10×10 foot room or to read by). The colors possible are red, yellow, blue, green, purple, and orange, as well as infrared and ultraviolet.
2. Blank Spot: The character can manipulate light and light beams, such as infrared and ultraviolet. to “bend” around him, thus making him invisible to such light. However, since the light is bent around the character, an opponent may notice a blank spot or ripple in the area he’s rooking at (roll D20, 18 or higher on initiative notices the anomaly).
3. Parry lasers and other light beams by bending the light around him. The superbeing can parry and deflect narrow light beams, including flashlights and laser beams. Roll just like a normal parry +3.
In the alternative, the character can create a sort of bubble that covers a 10 foot diameter (3 m) that will cover light around it and effectively cause lasers and light beams to curve around it, thus protecting those inside the bubble. Other beams of energy, magic, psionics, projectiles and physical force will pass through the light bubble effortlessly. Maximum range this protective bubble can be cast is 100 feet (30.5 m).
4. Deflect light beams. The character can try to deflect light beams back from where they originate or at a specific target within range 01 the beam. This is done first as a parry (same as #3 above) and then as strike (counts as one melee attack/action). This targeted deflection is done without benefit of any bonuses;
straight. unmodified dice roll (D20).
5. Can see into the infrared and ultraviolet light range. 100 feet (30.5 m) per level of experience.

Energy Expulsion: Electricity
Electrical energy bolls leap from the fingers of this living electrical generator. As the character grows in experience (3rd level and higher), he/she can regulate the degree of damage by increments 1d6.
Range: 400 feet (122 m) maximum (in Sunlight 480)
Damage: 3d6 +1d6 for each level of experience.
The more powerful and experienced characters (3rd level and higher) can regulate the strength of each blast in increments of 1d6. The level of power behind the energy blast does not affect the character in any way.

In addition, the more experienced super being (3rd level and up) can also divide the energy to fire two simultaneous blasts at 2 different targets. This means he can fire an energy bolt from both hands (or from one hand and the eyes) at an opponent in one direction and a second in another direction. However, the key word here is a “divide” attack. The amount of damage inflicted by each blast can not be greater than half his normal maximum damage.

Limitations of the Divided attack: Neither blast gets any special bonuses strike! Only the natural roll the die (d20)
counts. Moreover, both targets must be in his line of sight. However, the dual divided attack counts as only one melee attack.
Duration: Instant
Attacks Per Melee: Each energy blast counts as one melee attack or action; dual, simultaneous divided blasts also count as one melee attack.
Bonuses: +3 to strike if an aimed shot, +1 to strike if wild.

Lightning reflex
The character possesses an accelerated metabolism that makes everything around the hero seem to move in slow motion: while he moves with statliing quickness. It is important to note that this is not heightened dexterity so much as a set of heightened reaction times.
+3 on initiative
+1 to disarm
+2 roll/with punch
+2 speed
+1 additional attack per melee round
Auto dodge
WP — Paired Weapons
Limitations & Penalties: Tends to be fidgety, has trouble sleeping and is often cocky

Solar Powered
The character is able to absorb solar energy such as sunlight or very bright artificial light (at least 1,000 watts) instead of eating or drinking normal food. Requires at least six hours of sunlight per day. The character never gets hungry, nor fatigues when exposed to sufficient sunlight and can supplement his nutritional needs with solid food and water whenever necessary, though he’ll feel bloated and sluggish (reduce Spd by 10% and all bonuses are -1). The Solar Powered individual is also resistant to laser and other light based attacks (half damage) though other types of energy and physical attacks do full damage.
Bonuses & Abilities in Sunlight:
2. Sense the exact moment of the rising and setting sun
3. Recognize vampire and any creature that fears the sun, for what they are. Likewise, he cannot be turned undead
4. Bio-Regenerates damage at a rate of 2d4 per melee round in the sunlight
5. Increase PS PB and Spd by 20% during the daytime even even if overcast or indoors on sunny day or if character has already spent a full six hours in sun.
6. +1 attack per melee, +1 on initiative, +2 to disarm and +2 to pull punch
7. Increase range on Energy Expulsion (by 20%)
8. +60 SDC (only during the day)
9. Impervious to heat and resistant to fire (half damage)
10. Perfect eyesight

Penalties without Sunlight (in darkness and at nighttime):
1. Bio-Regenerates damage at a rate of 1d4 per melee round
2. Impervious to heat and resistant to fire (half damage)
3. Perfect eyesight

Being deprived of sunlight for prolonged period of time has devastating effect (over 24 hrs)—page 44 (PU1)


Rick is from a small village about ten mile south of Bangui in Central African Republic , he is one of 8 children (3 older and 4 younger), the family has always struggle for money but it got worse ten year ago when his father was disable in construction accident. His older sibling head to the city to find work (a couple were successful but the money is barely enough to feed the family). When Rick turned sixteen, head to the city to also find work but all he found was low pay and a lot of criminal activities. He cycle through several job from street cleaning to dish washer to contraband mule.

One day he saw a flier for a research participant at local clinic, that promised to pay a large weekly rate. He immediate headed to clinic, but apparently everyone had saw the flier and he was forced to await in online for twelve hours before he fill out the drug questionaire. Once he was done he was told to come back in two days. When he showed up he was sort into group K and directed to an large room with hundred of reclining chair (similar to chairs for donating blood). The nurses came around gave everyone an injection that made everyone sleeping then the world went black. He woke feeling strange and overheard lab techs talk about “another failed test of formula KR4”, he faked sleep until the techs moved on then he tried to move and found that he was restrained by his wrist and ankles.

So he begin working to slip out of the wrist restraints, as he worked he became aware that nurse and lab techs were ignoring the chair he was in as if he was not there. Once he freed his wrists and ankles, waited until the nurses and tech were not near him and he sprung up and ran for the door, on his way to the door he notice many of group K laid sick/dying from the treatment. The lab techs finally saw him running and gave chase but for some reason he quick out paced them and made it to an open window. At the window he realized that he was 5 stories up and would be forced to climb or attempt to drop from window ledge to window ledge until he reach the ground. The decision was made for him as a security guard reach him push him out the window, is some feat that would Chow Yun-Fat would have been amazed by he was able to “monk fall” and land on the ground with only a few scratches and bruises. He ran to his apartment and gathered stuff and then headed into the wilderness to hide out from any pursuers. For several days, live off the land and discovered how the formula had changed him.

After 2 week he returned to his family to discover that the family was being watched by a group of mercenaries, we manage to slip by them and let his family know that he was safe but need to go into hiding to prevent the mercenary from continuing to harass his family. He returned to city and began working for a contraband smuggler until one day the smuggler raid by Eagle Knight Security. Rick talent were recognized and he was offered jail or a job to replay his debt to society.

Rick has been a member of Eagle Knight Security for the last four years and has work with out a way to funnel back to his family in Africa


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