The Peacemakers

Failure is not an option.
Important Info. For PC's

Mr. Tranquil recommended this team (player characters) because as an EKS team they have a clean record (no run-ins with the police, FBI, W.A.S.H., U.S. S.C.R.E.T., or etc). They also have no political ties or connections with the country of India or Pakistan. The success of this mission he claims will go a long way in improving EKS relations with the U.S. State Department. 


Right now, the State Department wants to accompany all EKS agents operating in and around Africa and the Middle East. 

The State Department also wants to install video surveillance equipment in all their armored vehicles, and keep recordings of all radio communications between their personnel and any military and civilian agencies that supervise their activities. A successful mission here or on home soil could lead to less oversight and possibly a renewal of a nice, fat government security contract for U.S. diplomats. 


Reginald Knight (founder and owner of the EKS) believes there are individuals in the U.S. government who are looking for any reason to try and shut them down although they are heavily relying on “baseless” accusations that run the gamut from negligence, wrongful death, and murder. Proving to these liars and “anti-super-being advocates” that EKS is more than capable of performing a high priority protective detail is essential. 

It's the player characters' job to make life a lot easier for the company. 

Breaking News...

The UN Security Council has passed a resolution, in lieu of the European super being terroist attacks, to allow super beings to be used as a peacekeeping force.

Though, it is still frowned upon, and in many cases illegal, to use super beings as an offensive force in a theater of war.


In the Street/Shadows…

Small squads composed primarily of super beings (or mixed with professionals) are still used in covert operations, but most nations quickly deny their presence and activities.

As of yet, the United States, Russia, and United Kingdom have been known to use such teams in covert operations frequently, but quickly deny (or disavow) such allegations.






So the Adventure Begins...
PC's Must READ

The adventure starts in the city of Chicago in the middle of a spring Thursday afternoon. 

The players have been contacted by Mr. Tranquil (the man in charge of their entire Division). 

He informs them they will be meeting with a man they are to refer to as Mr. Blake in the lobby at the Langham Chicago Hotel.

Mr. Blake will ask the players if they know the name Sharad Dasmunsi. Most likely not, he is the Chief Scientific Adviser to the Prime Minister of India and the Secretary of the Defense Research and Development Organisation (which makes him responsible for the development of technology to be used by the Indian military). 

Mr. Blake will announce the reason the player characters are being hired is because Sharad's only child, Indira Dasmunsi, is going to school at the University of Chicago to study physics. With the recent threats to his life, he's come to the United States in an effort to convince his daughter to come back to India with him and attend the University of Madras.

Mr. Sharad insisted that he be allowed to try to convince Indira to return with him without forcing the issue. Their relationship has been seriously strained ever since Sharad's wife died 7 years ago. She was killed after being bitten by an Indian cobra while preparing a meal to celebrate Sharad's recent promotion to the Defense Research and Development Organization. 

Mr. Sharad will be staying at the hotel over the weekend. No one must know of his presence. Tomorrow afternoon, Sharad will arrive with a small entourage. He and his party will be staying in three rooms right off the elevators (rooms -02, -03, and -04; -02 and -04 share a common door). In room -04, Sharad's four plain-clothes bodyguards will be staying. The reason for this choice of hotel is the relatively ease to maintain basic surveillance and Sharad likes the fact that the “Bombay Chimney” (Chicago's best Indian Restaurant) is just down the street. The players will report to Sharad's Chief of Staff, Arjun Pawar. 

If the players have any problems they can contact Mr. Blake via a disposable phone that he hands them. It will function for the next 72 hours before becoming inert. The hotel staff has no idea who Sharad is and it must stay that way. 

Mr. Blake wishes the players good luck.


Once the players do research:

Mr. Sharad has a twin brother who is a radical terrorist charged with dozens of crimes in both India and Pakistan. His name is Rajiv Dasmunsi and he is under the firm belief that he is an avatar of the god Shiva, and that he's been sent to destroy the modern world in order to bring about a thousand years of direct rule by the god. 

Madness of course, Mr. Blake will claim. 

Rajiv has no political ties to anyone, in fact, each side claims he's employed by the other. His ultimate goal appears to be forcing the two countries to start a nuclear war, thus destroying each other. 

Just utter madness, Mr. Blake will stress again. 

Sharad has been working tirelessly with the U.K. S.C.R.E.T. in an effort to help India develop its own paramilitary organization. This, of course, is the last thing Rajiv wants, so he's decided to kill his twin brother. The man will stop at nothing to see his brother dead. He's already failed on two separate occasions during the last six months. 

For weeks he's been emailing Sharad death threats at least once a week. 

Despite the best efforts of the IB (India's Central Intelligence Bureau, reputed to be the oldest intelligence agency in the world), they have not been able to locate Rajiv. 

To make matters worse, Sharad continues to be somewhat uncooperative in providing detailed information that might enable the authorities to capture his brother. 

He has received criticism from many of his peers back in India who claim he has “no authority” over meta-technology or super-beings. He has no background in the field, and the various degrees universities awarded him for his achievements have nothing to do with metaology (the biological, physiological, and social study of super-beings).


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